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About the company

About the GMT Company

GMT is the leading Slovenian company in the field of import, sales and distribution of spare and supplemental parts for private cars and light goods vehicles, and is concurrently also the official representative and distributer for Castrol, BP and Aral motor oils for Slovenia, the region of ex-Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.


In Slovenia and abroad, we are the owners of companies SEC LUBES Ljubljana, SEC LUBES Belgrade, Castrol Croatia and SEC LUBES Bulgaria.


In the GMT Company, we have been aware from the formation on that the basis of success lies in consistent realisation of responding to customers’ wishes and rapid response to their demand. Irrespective of the fact that 90 percent of our suppliers come from abroad, we guarantee to Slovenian customers the supply of desired spare auto parts within 24 hours. Delivery is advanced; at least twice daily we are at key destinations with your auto parts, either in our retail establishment, at key customers in Slovenia or elsewhere across Europe. Our product mix comprises over a hundred thousand products.


Tomaž Gider, Procurator of the GMT Company:
»In addition to radio, television, computer and telephone, car is the most frequent compulsory basic or family item of the majority of Europeans. Among social and business interactions relating to the purchase, maintenance and sale of a car, everyday there is a set of communication and interaction. Notwithstanding it is about work in the automobile industry, one comes to the conclusion that in all of these relationships it is the people and not automobile steel that is of real importance. Every business, every work inspiration, every business idea begins and ends with people. The most important are those who are there for you every day, ready to help in good as well as in bad times. It is these people one should make an effort for in scopes of big business as well as at their workplace in offices, stores or warehouses. The vision of the GMT Company is to remain the leading representative and the best supplier of quality spare auto parts, motor oils and lubricants of the world producers on the global market. With our knowledge and services we want to completely satisfy our customers as well as the final consumer. We demand constant improvements from our suppliers and the top quality of spare parts, and with modern organisation of business we want to achieve optimal delivery times and favourable prices. «


High social values relating to the environment are a constant imperative of our business. The company cannot merely take from the environment but must also give something back. GMT is the sponsor of variety of school, sports, cultural and other organisations in areas of its places of business. We also support individuals who are especially successful in their field but do not always have financial capacities for achieving results. Every year we reach out to charity organisations and hospitals. In the company we do not merely maintain a positive attitude towards social responsibility to people, but we positively strive to preservation of the natural environment in which we operate.
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